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8 Things I Would Like to Tell My 20-Year-Old Self on My 30th Birthday

Today’s my 30th birthday. 😳

No, I’m not one of those people that is extremely stressed or anxious about turning 30. I’m more so just wondering where time has gone?

I’m absolutely amazed how different 30-year-old Katie is compared to 20-year-old Katie.

Here are some things I’d love to go back and convince myself were true. You might find some of these a bit cliche, but such is life, I suppose.

  1. Quality over quantity when it comes to everything. Clothes, food, friends. Especially friends. You are who you surround yourself with, so choose wisely.
  2. Life is too short to do things you don’t want to do. There isn’t a magic formula to life. Stop worrying about what you are supposed to do. (Says the person with two degrees that currently isn’t using either one.)
  3. Stop trying to please everyone around you. If you focus on what makes you happy, you’ll naturally make those around you happy as well. I stressed for so long on making my parents happy, when at the end of the day they just wanted me to be happy.
  4. You look great. Wear the swim suit. Put on the dress. Embrace the body you have.
  5. Workout. Not because you need to loose weight, but because it is a healthy habit both physically and mentally. You always feel better when you exercise, so stick with it and don’t stop.
  6. Make time for you. You give and give and give. Take a moment for you. Pick a book you enjoy. Watch a show without any distractions. The papers you need to grade will get graded. It doesn’t have to happen right now.
  7. Don’t be afraid to ruffle a few feathers. Sometimes you are going to hurt people’s feelings, and that’s ok. You can’t please everyone. You aren’t  a malicious person and you aren’t going to do it on purpose. But sometimes you have to upset some people to make a difference. And that’s ok.
  8. Stop worrying so much. Simply focus on joy. A worry is focusing on something that doesn’t even exist yet. Just stop worrying. Focus on all the joy surrounding you at this moment.

More importantly, I need to continue to remember these things now.

I need to focus on my family and myself. It’s not to say the other things aren’t important, but they shouldn’t be my focus. Don’t go back to teaching if you don’t want to. Put the phone down or the laptop away, and sing your daughters a song. Take them for a walk or go to the park. Lay on the couch and snuggle while watching Mickey Mouse. It isn’t going to kill them.

I need to stop worrying and simply focus on joy. Because I have so, so much to be joyful for in my life. And I am forever grateful.

*Let’s all stop worrying and being so negative. Let’s focus on the joy. Let’s make today amazing! What are you grateful for today? Please share in the comments!*

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