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Charlie Beth & Ellie Grace: The girls that influenced the brand.

We will continue on our journey of knowing the family behind the brand - meet the girls!

Sincere Thoughts: Charlie Beth (Bandana Bib)


Charlie Beth is our spunky little red head that keeps us on our toes! She loves completing chunky puzzles, playing with her kitchen, and watching Frozen. She is an awesome big sister and will often put Ellie Grace’s pacifier in - quite forcefully. 😬 She is showing great promise to be a big help at Sincere Elephant with her love of tapping away on the computer and spreading shipping envelopes as far as the eyes can see.

Sincere Thoughts: Ellie Grace (Bandana Bib)


Ellie Grace is my little velcro baby. She isn’t a fan of me leaving her sight and would be happy if I would just hold her all. day. long. With that said, she has made great strides in her independence and she now sleeps through the night in her own room. 🙌 She’s our full time product tester with the new arrival of two bottom teeth and a love for eating solids.

How lucky I am to have these two sweethearts in my life. Tell us about your sweetheart in the comments! 💛


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