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Give Yourself Grace: Trying not to stress over the little things.

Hello all! I wasn’t able to get a blog post out to you last week. Between an under-the-weather baby that wouldn’t eat, a teething baby that just wanted her mommy, and life (including running a household and a business), it just didn’t happen.

Sincere Thoughts: Give Yourself Grace

First sick visit at 23 months old. 

And guess what?

It’s okay.

I find myself often telling other moms to give themselves some grace, and on Monday morning when I realized that it was now a new week and I never posted last week, I realized it really wasn’t a big deal. 

What I did do last week included three doctors visits, making a million meals for a kid that didn’t eat one of them, snuggled with my babies, packed up and shipped a new wholesale order (Yay! Montana moms, bibs and covers are coming your way!), and a million other things. Basically, I kept everyone alive.

Sincere Thoughts: Give Yourself Grace

The tiny one had an allergic reaction to eggs. Which means no more eggs for either of them since they share everything, including food. 

The moral of the story? That life can be busy, overwhelming, and down right tough. We don’t always get everything done that we want to, but when we focus on the big picture, we are able to realize that doing our best is quite enough.

Huntsville Botanical Gardens. Sincere Thoughts on Sincere Elephant

Much needed family outing to the Huntsville Botanical Garden.

Give Yourself Grace: Sincere Elephant

And, yes, your Sincere Elephant cover can also be used as a blanket when you forget one. #momlife 

So, I’ll continue trying to bring you a new post each week. And if I miss a week? It will be ok. And I’m not going to fret (too much). Instead, I’m going to give myself some grace.

(And while I’m at it, I’m going to go ahead and include loosing my patience with my kids, not fixing dinner a couple nights, and being short tempered with my husband. It’s a new week. Time to give myself a break and try to do better, instead of stressing over the past.)


Your Turn -

Is there something you need to give yourself a bit of grace about?

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