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Home Sweet Home: How traveling gave us a new appreciation for our home and routines.


We’ve been home for a little over a week after being gone for a bit.

The last week in May the girls and I went on a business trip with my husband for a few days. Then a week and a half later we all went to California for two weeks. Four hotels and three cities later, we returned home after a 22 hour travel day thanks to Tropical Storm Cindy. Four days later we left for the beach on a family vacation. Confused yet? Don’t worry, it was a whirlwind for us, too.

Home Sweet Home on Sincere Thoughts. Sincere Elephant Blog.

We have absolutely no regrets about our six busy weeks of on and off traveling, but we are so, so glad to be home.

We have wonderful memories from our trips, as well as a new appreciation for our home and routines.

Flying a Kite at the Beach. Home Sweet Home on Sincere Thoughts. Sincere Elephant

I’m sure we will get an itch to go somewhere soon, but for now, here are a few of the things I am currently appreciating about being home:

  1. My kids having their own rooms. This just makes sleep schedules so much easier, especially because my kids like to talk themselves to sleep or lay in their beds and wake up a bit before actually having to get up. Also, on the off chance they were actually napping at the same time while we were gone, I’d be stuck in one of their rooms trying to be quiet. This really wouldn’t have been a huge issue except I had a terrible cough the entire time we were in California. Have you ever tried not to cough? Yeah, it makes you cough even more. Fun times. 
  2. A washing machine and dryer at my disposal. We had access on most of our trips, but there is something amazing about having your own ready to go when you need it. Kids are messy. Well, so am I.
  3. My own kitchen. Yes, we had a mini kitchen in most of our rooms and a full size kitchen at the beach, but there is something about having all of your own items that makes cooking so much easier. And dare I say it - I’m so over eating out! (Well, with kids. If anyone wants to watch my kids so I can eat out in peace, let me know.)
  4. Our backyard. The kids had plenty of opportunities to run and play on our trips. But our fenced in backyard that corrals them without me having to stress about them running into the abyss is so nice. (Our oldest is a runner. A RUNNER. Now I know why those child leashes were made. We don’t have one, but no more judging from me. Promise.)
  5. Our routines. This is the biggest one. Between car and airplane rides, time changes, dinner reservations, etc., our kids didn’t know if we were coming or going. (Let’s face it, neither did I.) We still go and do things at home, but for the most part the girls go to bed and get up around the same time and get to take at least one nap a day in their cribs.

We are all really enjoying being home. The girls sleep better in their beds and have had a great time rediscovering all of their books and toys. This isn’t to say we won’t go anywhere if given the opportunity. I am simply using these experiences to see the good in our lives. To be thankful for the quiet moments that can often feel like repetitive chores. (Although unloading the dishwasher will ALWAYS feel like a chore.)


Your Turn - When you travel, what do you always appreciate when returning home?

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