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One of 'Those' Days: Trying to see the good, even amongst those not so great moments.

Today was one of those days. Yes, that one. The one where you are like, did that really just happen? Nothing terrible, but more like - really?

We are on travel with my husband, so we are living that hotel life with two little kiddos, which means not enough naps and sensory overload.

My husband had to leave early to go to the facility, which meant I got to grab breakfast with the kiddos solo. Decided to grab our food and take it back to our room. Well, a to-go lid not quite secure enough plus an overanxious toddler, meant that the bottom of our stroller got to enjoy quite a bit of our food making quite the mess in its path.

We planned to meet my husband for lunch. When I went to put the kiddos in the car, some ants (read: a lot of ants) decided to make our car their temporary home thanks to all the spills and snacks left by some tiny toddlers. They were already super fussy and having two small children in a parking lot by yourself is already not a lot of fun, so I packed it in and figured we’d handle it later. Children’s Safety > Ants.

My husband finished early, so he came back, moved the car, put the car seats in his rental (after getting the ants out of their seats), then we went to lunch. On the way back from lunch we stopped to look for some sandals for the toddler. The moment I slipped the little one into the Ergo, she threw up all over herself. All down the inside and outside of my shirt (including the inside of my bra). All down my jeans. All in my shoes. All over the Ergo. Everywhere. The hubs went inside, bought me a new shirt. No sandals for the tot, but at that point. Who cares?

Now we are sitting in our hotel room. Everyone else is resting. I’m writing this down for all of you. (Ok, mostly for me.) But why? Because just a few short months ago, even one of these events would have sent me over the ledge. It would have made me overwhelmed and extremely upset.

For those of you that don’t know - A few months after my youngest was born, I was diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. A few months after that, I was diagnosed with Postpartum Anxiety, OCD, and Insomnia. Things definitely got worse before they got better.

And today, with all the shenanigans that happened, I definitely feel like things have gotten better.


Yes -

- Breakfast ended up all over the floor and stroller.

- There are ants in our car.

- My tiny one doesn’t feel well. Also, I have vomit all over my Ergo and I’m not home to wash it.


But - 

- We had enough breakfast for everyone. And messes and spills are (somewhat) easily cleaned.

- Ants aren’t spiders. Sure they are annoying, but after googling, it doesn’t seem like the end of the world and is extremely common in wooded areas. Who would have known? Also, they aren’t fire ants.

- I’m pretty sure our Eddie Spaghetti just ate too much. At least I hope that’s all. And if it isn’t, if she has a stomach bug, sure it will stink, but she’ll be ok. And my Ergo will be ok. And I got a new shirt.


Perspective. I’ve been working a lot on zeroing in on the important things. To choose joy. To think happy thoughts. To take it one day at a time and remember all the things I have to be thankful for each and every day.

So if you are having a tough day, first of all - I’m sorry! Some days are tough! But luckily, some days aren’t! Hang in there!


Your Turn -

What are your strategies for staying positive, even on the tough days?

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