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A little reminder for you (and me).

On Monday I accomplished more in a day than I had the last two weeks combined. It was one of those days where I was able to get a lot completed without sacrificing spending time with the girls, too. Bonus!

Ellie Grace eating dinner. A little reminder for you and me. Sincere Thoughts on Sincere Elephant

Happy baby eating dinner. 


Sure, a lot of things lined up to allow me to check things off my to-do list. Ellie took a nice morning nap, while Charlie Beth played happily outside while I weeded and mulched some of the beds. She actually helped me put the weeds in the garbage bag, which not only saved me time, but also kept her from getting into something she shouldn’t.

In the afternoon, they both napped at the same time which allowed me to get some things accomplished that are too difficult to do when they are awake. Also, this allowed me to spend their awake time playing and giggling right along side them.

Girls playing in their teepee with their dad. A little reminder for you and me. Sincere Thoughts on Sincere Elephant

I know this is blurry. But I feel that it captures a sweet moment so well with the reminder that life is quite a blur. 

Well, it is now Thursday morning. What about Tuesday and Wednesday? To be honest I'm not really sure what I did, but I feel like I was constantly doing something. I had to have been. Right?

Teething and inconsolable baby. A Little Reminder for You and Me. Sincere Thoughts on Sincere Elephant.

This pretty much sums up the majority of the past week. Yay for three new teeth. 

Do you ever have those types of days? Where you feel like you were busy all day, but when you take a second to look around, it looks like you have donWhy am I sharing this with you? To remind you to not get hung up on the to-do list. To remind you to take stock and value in each day with snuggles and smiles, not smashed Cheerios on the floor or dishes in the sink.

Ok, let's face it - It's mainly to remind myself. I am quick to get hung up all the things I need to do, when in reality, there aren't that many things that I need to do right then. 

So my goal is to take victory when things work out and I am able to get a lot accomplished. And on the days where it doesn't seem like much, take a look at the bigger picture. How lucky I am to spend my days with those sweet girls. 

Your Turn:  Do you have days like this, too? What do you do to find the balance between the needs of your home and job while also meeting the needs of your family? 

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