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Welcome to Our Village: Sincere Thoughts

Family of Sincere Elephant: Bibs, Nursing Covers, Car Seat Covers, Grocery Car Covers

Let me start off by saying Hi and Welcome!

Thank you so much for taking a moment to check out our new blog - Sincere Thoughts! I’ll start off by introducing ourselves and our company, but mostly you will find post relating to all things parenting. So whether you are expecting, a first time parent, or you have multiple car seats in your car, this is the place for you!

So let’s start with me. I’m Katie! I’m the mom of two little girls under the age of two. Charlie Beth is currently 21 months old, and Ellie Grace is 7 months old. I taught elementary school for 7 years, and once I became pregnant with my youngest, we decided it was probably time to move on. Now I have the privilege to stay home with my sweet girls while providing other parents products that we use with our own girls.

Starting Sincere Elephant has not only allowed me the opportunity to spend more time with my girls, but it has connected me with so many other parents. Through social media, there is this whole village out there that wants to help and pitch in, even if we live thousands of miles away from each other.

That’s where this blog comes in. I want to be a part of your village. I want to help you anyway I can. I will share my own personal experiences and stories in hopes that it might help you. Yes, we may have differing opinions on some things, but we all have the same end goal. Raising happy and healthy children.

So whether you breastfeed or use formula, cloth diaper or use disposables, give your child purees or prefer baby-led weaning, co-sleep or your child is sleeping in a nursery, have an infant or a toddler, work outside the home or stay home with your children. You are all welcome! This parenting gig can be tough, so let’s do it together!

I hope you’ll continue to join me as we tackle this phase in our lives together! 


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